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Front pitch deck 2018 $66M Series B

Apps, Collaboration, Email, SaaS, Software, Unified Communications
Presenting the problem and solution as succinctly as possible in your pitch deck is vital if you want to catch your potential investors’ eyes. Front not only did that, but they were able to create a simple visual without overloading the information.


Copper Cow
Copper Cow pitch deck 2018

Copper Cow Coffee is a startup that offers specialty Vietnamese coffee using 100% biodegradable pour over technology. What makes their pitch deck eye-catching is that they were able to present relevant information using a few words. They were able to articulate not only the business potential, but also the expansion opportunities of the company.


Reflect pitch deck 2018

Reflect, a mental health startup, has nailed what a killer pitch deck looks like—minimal yet all the information is there. Aiming to be a leader in mental healthcare that uses data-driven matching, they were able to reflect that by using facts and data in their pitch. The data presented was straightforward and easy to follow.


Lexop pitch deck 2018

Lexop is a startup that provides a certified email that can be tracked in real-time and has an instant legal proof-of-delivery. In their pitch deck, they started with the most critical information and closed by presenting the team behind the company. By knowing who the managing team and the advisors are, they convey not only transparency, but it also offers authority.


Yalochat pitch deck 2018

Pitch decks are, in one way or another, like infographics—present facts and figures and pair them with graphic icons. The result is an engaging and informative piece of content. Yalochat used this approach, and the result is a fancy startup pitch deck, but the value is still there. Plus, the color palette they used has made the figures and information even more interesting.


Crema pitch deck 2017

Whether you're creating a design or offering your service, being consistent is gives you a huge advantage. The design team behind Crema’s pitch deck understood this, and they've created a solid and consistent background in their presentation. Even though they used different images, they were all connected and had the same message and feel. Even the color and pattern all add to the cohesiveness of their theme resulting in a killer pitch deck you can’t easily ignore.


Buzzfeed pitch deck 2016

We all have a love and hate relationship with Buzzfeed, don’t we? I’m sure you’ve stumbled on their pages or watched their videos before. As of today, BuzzFeed has managed to raise over $240 million.


Podozi pitch deck 2016

Podozi is an online e-commerce platform based in Nigeria.


Cubeit pitch deck 2016

Cubeit is a mobile application that allows users to aggregate content from anywhere . Cubeit used this 13-slide deck to raise seed funding before they even had a finished product.


Front pitch deck 2016 $10M round

Apps, Collaboration, Email, SaaS, Software, Unified Communications


Sequoia Capital
Sequoia Capital pitch deck 2015

Sequoia Capital is one of the leading VC firms in Silicon Valley. Looking at the pitch deck they recommend, it gives a clue to any startup what they're looking for. They recommend going straight to the point.


Mapme pitch deck 2015 $1M round

MapMe allows users to create universally accessible (i.e. on smartphones, tablets, and computers) maps of anywhere they want with no coding required. This deck was used to raise their $1 million in seed funding.


SteadyBudget pitch deck 2015

SteadyBudget is budget management software that helps PPC analysts manage various budgets across different channels.


Castle pitch deck 2015 $270K round

Castle is a startup that lets rental owners put their properties on autopilot. This was the deck Castle used to raise $270,000 for their startup.


Mixpanel pitch deck 2014

Mixpanel’s approach is simple—they've got a very clear understanding of who their target audience is, what they need, and presented a practical solution. Their target is people who have no clue what their analytics are.


Mattermark pitch deck 2014

Any effective product, service, and even a pitch deck always understands what their target audience wants. Mattermark knew that and used the very problem their prospect is experiencing in how they created the layout for their pitch deck. The problem they presented was how unorganized SaaS reporting is, and they used screenshots to illustrate that. After that, they offered their solution by bringing all the data in one place.


AdPushup pitch deck 2014

Adpushup allows companies to maximize ad revenues through advanced A/B testing.


Wealthsimple pitch deck 2014 $2M round

Wealthsimple is Canada’s first online investment manager. They raised more than $2 million in seed funding.


AppVirality pitch deck 2014

AppVirality allows app developers to grow their platform using growth method techniques proven by other startups.


Canvas pitch deck 2014 $9M round

Canvas replaces paper-based processes with affordable and easy-to-use mobile apps and forms. They raised $9 million with these decks.


Ooomf (now Crew)
Ooomf (now Crew) pitch deck 2014 $2M round

Crew (formerly Ooomf & then PickCrew) is a freelancer marketplace that connects mobile and web developers with projects or work. This deck was used to raised over $2 million dollars.


Buffer pitch deck 2013 $500K round

Buffer is one of the top social media scheduling platforms that allows you to schedule your content on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn. What makes this pitch deck popular is the presentation of solid facts and numbers. It also includes the milestones they’ve accomplished including the number of users they have, the annual revenue, and the app integrations.


Kickfolio pitch deck 2013

Showing the growth and metrics of your company is something to be proud of. Thus, it makes sense if you highlight them to show your prospective investors how much you’ve grown. Kickfolio understood this so instead of using small graphs; it presented charts and numbers in each slide. Why hide your metrics when you all worked hard to achieve what your company has?


Dwolla pitch deck 2013

Dwolla’s pitch deck banked on stories. They understood the power of stories and how they could move emotions.


ZenPayRoll (Now Gusto)
ZenPayRoll (Now Gusto) pitch deck 2013 $6M round

Gusto (previously ZenPayroll) is a cloud-based solution tool for small businesses to pay employees.


Swipes pitch deck 2013

Swipes is a task manager app to help its users increase their productivity.


Fittr pitch deck 2012

Fittr is a platform that designs custom workouts tailored to equipment, access, time management, and goals.


Intercom pitch deck 2011

Intercom focused on their strong team, early traction made it very clear what they needed. Also, you may notice that their deck was simple but nicely designed, which gave them an advantage compared to all the standard looking presentations investors receive every day.


Square pitch deck 2011

Square is a company that allows merchants to accept mobile credit card payments via a dongle.


Launchrock pitch deck 2011

LaunchRock allows users to create landing pages and quickly get their startups known through social media, even before the launch of their full site.


Moz pitch deck 2011 $18M round

Moz started out as a SEO company but has pivoted to support marketers across all inbound marketing strategies. This is the series-B deck for Moz which they used to raise over $18 million. If you’re an established startup, you can follow this guide. The deck is packed with information about the company since it was founded five years prior to this pitch.


Manpack pitch deck 2011 $500K round

Manpacks is a platform that delivers men’s essentials such as underwear, razors, grooming and other products.


Mint pitch deck 2010

Mint, a personal financial services tool, has a simple pitch deck but the investors were drawn to it. First of all, it presented what value it can give to their users and partners. Second, they also understand that by putting their money in, each investor is exposed to different levels of risk.


Foursquare pitch deck 2009

Foursquare was one of the first businesses to use gamification and it shines in their pitch deck. Even though pitch is text heavy, it uses graphics and illustrations to show how their points and badges hook people and never let go.


Uber pitch deck 2008

Uber’s pitch deck was far from impressive, but what caught the investor’s fancy was the solution they provided. They were able to articulate the problem in a few short sentences using everyday words. After presenting the pain point, they presented their no-nonsense solution. Although Uber has found itself in hot water many times, the solution they provided at that time on their pitch deck was nothing but awesome.


AirBnB pitch deck 2006

The Airbnb pitch deck is also one of the most searched for, not only because it's become one of the biggest companies out there today, but also because they've created a new niche in the travel/hotel industry.


Facebook pitch deck 2004

We all know that Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin created Facebook as a social network for universities. When they first tried to pitch the idea to potential investors, they didn’t have a clear business plan. So, what they used were the facts and numbers they already had, which included their customer base, user engagement, and growth metrics.


LinkedIn pitch deck 2004

Founded in 2002, LinkedIn is the top business-oriented social networking platform. The company’s pitch talks a great deal about company vales, the value the network brings, and how it’s different than other social networks.


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